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You have to post all the rules
Answer 12 questions asked to you and invent 12 questions for tagged people to answer
Choose 12 people 
You legitimately have to tag 12 people 
You CAN'T say you don't do tags
Tag-backs are allowed
You must do the Journal Entry ! No comments ! Unless you're talking about the Journal Entry

addendum: I Have No Friends To Tag, And You Are Not My Dad So Dont Tell Me What To Do
also i haven't been on deviantart in a longass time so this is likely pretty old by now.

1. do u frick skeletons
sands undertale
2. favorite meme
spongebob memes tbh
3. art u like doing most (ex: blood, palette, lineless)
i hate doing all art now. there's no rest in my bones. i just want to rest.
4. if i licked your cat, how would u react
if you could catch her and pin her down i would be impressed and allow it to continue
5. favorite song
all time fav, current fav
6. who u consider ur meme squad (if u dont got one... join me fam)
how many times do i have to say that i have no friends jsesus im starting to feel self conscious
7. hell or heck
8. lizards or birds
birds holy shit mom
9. if you could have any animal as a pet, which would u want
oh my god oh my god i would absolutely want some kind of dove. if not that at least 10 more cats
10. are u a C O O L  G U Y (or dudette)
probably not but i like to tell myself i am
11. i love u
i love u too
(gets on all fours and shrieks)

my questions, should anybody want to crib this meme off me passively:
1. sweet or savory
2. favorite comicbook/manga author and/or one-off comic
3. what subject or artist has inspired you the most throughout your artistic growth
4. were you a lolrandom child / are you still a lolrandom child? know that i love and support you.
5. every one of these should have a favorite meme question. tell me. Which Is The Dankest.
6. what decade did you grow up in? are you nostalgic about it?
7. tell me one off the goddamn wall weird detail about your childhood. what weirdass kid shit did you do?
8. do you think of yourself as someone who thinks in motion, or are you better at imagining interesting static scenes?
9. do you want to make art for others, or do you work for yourself? what do you want to achieve? tell me your dreams.
10. what are your top 3 favorite animals? you can't put several in one tier. You Must Choose Now
11. do you prefer animal or monster characters, or human characters? why?
12. not a question, but tell me what's on your mind. i hope you're having a good day.

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