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i didn't see them until now, but they were all really sweet. thank you. uvu ♥
this petition has been going around for a while, and there are over 12k signatures (incredible) but i figured i'd signal boost it here for any stragglers who might not have been aware of it until now.
help us keep a really great concept alive!…
[kick it Barack]
ntz ntz ntz
don't forget to vote (FOR OBAMA LMAO) on November 6th, this Tuesday!
and hope to all that's decent in the world that the republicans do not succeed in ousting him with their voter suppression bullshit.

keep our country out of the hands of those greedy assholes.
it is imperative that you exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, November 6th. if you aren't registered to vote you can do so here:
and long distance voters can register for an absentee ballot here:

don't support a horrible person like Romney.

he does not deserve to be elected into office, especially not the presidency. he is atrocious.

ps. if you support the gop and want to argue with me don't even bother. i have seen the shit he's done and my mind is made up.

Motorcity airing Thursdays at 8:30pm

Wed Jun 27, 2012, 3:38 AM
i know this is probably a weird journal to be getting from me, for two reasons, the foremost being that i don't really write journals. ever.
but Motorcity is a new Disney XD show that is GORGEOUS AND FLAWLESS IN EVERY WAY.
it's really sad that the show's got such shaky ratings, with the way the staff working on it go out of their way to interact on a friendly level with the fanbase, and, more importantly, make us a beautiful, well-written and creative show.

you can see more about the show here… here… if you've never heard of it,
if you have the ability, please watch it on TV! we need to help the ratings!
and if you can't watch it on TV, buy it off itunes. i just downloaded itunes myself for this purpose alone. i've never used it before lmao.

(if you're foreign/don't have any money/don't have disney xd, and have to pirate the show, the staff is fine with it, we just ask that already existing fans lend a hand to help keep the show afloat)

if nothing else, encourage other fans to watch it on TV where they can.

thanks and smooches 4 all of u ♥

I haven't written a journal entry in almost exactly one year so I figured I might as well do so now.

The site I work for, is looking for custom adoptable artists. They pay really well for the amount of work that's done, so if you're interested, you should drop a note by Abuzzling.

If you think you can match the site's art style, I say go for it.

There is more information in their forum post here:…

If you at least know someone who draws a lot of animals who you think can style match, let them know.

$2 donation wallpapers.

Sun Mar 27, 2011, 9:06 AM
Hey, you know what you should do? You should read this and consider being a bro and donating a measly two bucks to my bff's ad campaign. He updates his comic Good Enough every Sunday and it's awesome IN MY HONEST OPINION NOT JUST BECAUSE HE'S MY BEST FRIEND, so I'm gonna pimp him out a little over here.

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Commission Prices/Info

Wed Jan 5, 2011, 8:51 PM
If you would like a commission please read this post at tumblr:…

Point Donations (Relevant to Deviantart only).
I will only accept point donations of at least 400 points. You can pick either a 300x300 icon, full-body character sketch, or detailed bust sketch per 400-point donation.


[[ Warning: I occasionally post NSFW content in these places. ]]
Tumblr | FA
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Pimpin a friend.

Mon Dec 20, 2010, 7:00 PM
Because he seriously needs some love.
If you guys don't know who chickenteeth is, take a look at his stuff. He's doing a comic right now called "Good Enough" which is by itself pretty awesome. He's also my best friend IRL and on the 'net, so MAYBE I'M A LITTLE BIASED but i think he's pretty great.




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Plz Icons
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hopy shit

Wed Dec 15, 2010, 4:19 PM
Thanks to everyone who donated! Donation pictures are officially CLOSED. I thought it would take forever to get to a 12-month membership but IT ONLY TOOK ONE DAY. You guys are amazing <3
I even had enough points left over to buy another 3 months. Ffff.
I'm going to work through the drawings I have to do for everyone as quickly as I can. Patience is the ULTIMATE VIRTUE.
Speaking of which, I also have some other commissions that are like 3 months old that I need to start as well, so I'm just going to put a to-do list right here so I don't forget...

SexyBrianPuppet 1 color; John reenacting the ending to Con Air with Rose and Casey
Quarma 1 color;… weilding Homes Smell Ya Later
Kellectabuzz 1 sketch; undecided
UberAngus 1 color;
DollCreep 4 color; Rowan
Beechs 2 character sketch

PS, if there was a time that you wanted a commission and I was too busy to take it up at the time, let me know and I'll add you. I need to start getting shit done.



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Kay, so I've been hankering for a subscription just cause I like the tiny features that come with it.
But I'm too much of a tightwad to buy it myself so I started a donation pool.

All right, I've organized my thoughts and some suggestions, so I'm going to list donation "prices" here.
• 50-100: a sketch; 1 character no background
• 100-200: a sketch; 1-2 characters with a simple background
• 300: lineart + flat color
• 400+: lineart + color + shading
If this seems like a lot, it's because points aren't worth much in real money. Sorry!

If you donate, let me know in a comment or note what you'd like. It can be your OC or MSPA related (since i have a ton of HS fans as watchers); anything goes, really.
Thanks in advance!

Just for your info:
If you don't leave a comment or note saying what you would like, I'm not going to chase you down and ask. I have tons and TONS AND TONS of stuff I like/want/need to do so you'll need to take the initiative or else it's not happening. Sorry!
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My finals are ~finally over~ and I can relax for the first time in 4 days. Every waking moment of my life up until about half an hour ago revolved around CRAMMING AS MUCH SHIT AS I POSSIBLY COULD into my consciousness in order to muster up a passing grade for each class. I literally read two full books in the space of two days. One was a re-reading. My brain feels like mush.
And you know what? I thought I was going to blow my philosophy exam like a snot bubble. I did need to paint that mental image for you. But the irony is that I actually feel like I did the best on it, and maybe even got an A!!! The rest I am not so confident about. I hope I at least passed history, but I skipped like 4 questions that had to do with what we read (because I didn't read 90% of what was assigned; I know better now).
I cannot freaking wait for Christmas. Mom might get me a DESK, I am so psyched.
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This is a thing that's been worrying me for a while, since it's been fraying for nigh to 6 months now. Slowly getting worse as the weeks pass. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to replace the cord, but my tablet is already over 2 years old (bordering on 3 years old) so I dunno how likely this is.
I badly want to buy a wireless Intuos 4 (I'm practically frothing at the mouth) but sadly I do not have the funds. So I was wondering, does anyone have any experience in this kind of issue? It's not a thing that's prohibiting me from drawing at the moment, but it will surely be one in due time. I'd like to have a plan for when that happens because this tablet has made my pathetic life worth living (O, INTERNET. THOU KNOWEST NOT MINE LOVE FOR THEE). And is also a source of pocket change when I actually get off my ass and draw commissions.
Nobody wants my shitty traditional art, this is fact.

Edit: I have an Intuos 3 by Wacom.
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For your kind words about my mom and for supporting me for so long. <3
I love all of you guys. :>
Thank you for some 22k pageviews, over 500 watches, and over FIVE THOUSAND favorites; that is mind-blowing. This shit is hella crazy. Y'all don't know what you do for me, and maybe at some point I'll stop being a bitter asshole and maybe draw some happy things (that aren't fanart). So thanks again, to everyone, for being awesome fans and friends.

I just also want to say that I know that I don't always reply to comments, but I do read all of them, so if there's any reason to feel like I'm ignoring you, I'm not <3
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Life is still going to take a huge shit in my dinner.

I don't know how to feel right now. I'm on the verge of weird, optimistic disbelief, and utter pessimistic assurance of the worst.
My mom called me two hours ago and said, "I don't want you to worry or to be upset, but..." and of course the first thing that happened was that my stomach promptly turned into a rock and dropped into my asshole. Everything bad went through my mind and I listened to her explain that she has some kind of hole in the lining of her inner nose. I forget what it's called.
But she said that the doctor explained that it could only happen two ways physically; if she'd broken her nose or snorted cocaine. Mom has done neither of those.
So the doctor went on to say that they would have to do a biopsy on her nose if the hole wasn't pink/irritated after she squirted saline solution into it for a week. And if they did, it would probably be cancer.

As soon as she said the word "cancer" I started crying. Of all the things that had to happen to me, of the miserable, shitty life that I lead on a daily basis but still manage to put up with, this happens. I can only distract myself from so much with things like schoolwork, the internet, and drawing ridiculous things. If this IS cancer and it IS serious, and my mother is taken from me, I will not be the same person coming out of this.

But then there is the side of me that is perfectly certain that there is nothing to worry about and that I'm jumping to the worst possible scenario far too quickly.
This is the side I want to put my stock in.

I don't know what to think.
You don't have to comment if this is too personal or uncomfortable.
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Copy/pasted from a blog on Tumblr:

(Published by CNN.NDTV)

This message is for every girl who goes to work, school, or home alone.

If you find a child crying on the road showing his/her address & asking you to take him/her to that address, immediately take that child to the police station and ABSOLUTELY NOT to the to the address.

This is a new way to gang rape girls.

Please reblog this message in order to help make girls aware of this sick & twisted method of tricking girls into getting raped.

Dont be shy to reblog this message, as this 1 message can save the lives of many girls!

What the fuck??
I cannot even express the disgust and horror that reading this made me feel. I literally felt chills wash down my spine.

Does anyone have a link to the original article? I really want to see it.
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lets get rid of that other journal

Wed Oct 27, 2010, 6:18 PM
Here's a thing you might find amusing.

LoomDemon (9:16:00 PM): Im kinda wondering if a troll can have more than one Monorail
FauxMonstur (9:16:12 PM): MONORAIL??
FauxMonstur (9:16:14 PM): LMAO.
LoomDemon (9:16:20 PM): FUCK
LoomDemon (9:16:23 PM): SPELT THAT WRONG
FauxMonstur (9:16:26 PM): YOU FUCKIN DORK
LoomDemon (9:16:28 PM): HAHAAHAHAH
LoomDemon (9:16:30 PM): AOOLMFAHAHAAH
FauxMonstur (9:17:00 PM): This is why ilu bb


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On This Llama Badge Issue:
I realize for some people it's just increasing a number on this website to upgrade their llamas, and that's totally cool with me. Your agena, not mine. So, here is my llama policy:
- Watchers get auto-llamas as a show of thanks. I won't leave silly comments on your shoutboard.
- Llama-givers get auto-llamas. As a show of reciprocation and respect for the llama hunter's desire to upgrade their llama, I'll return one every time.


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Tue Oct 26, 2010, 1:03 AM


Aaaa  aaaaaaaa aa.


I feel really nervous for no reason, it's 4 am and I feel like a giant seething asshole even though I haven't really done anything wrong. Why do I feel so guilty? I don't know. But it's roiling in my gut and it won't go away and WHY AM I TELLING THE INTERNET THIS?

I don't know I guess I just want to tell someone since I'm alone now.


Also I dunno but I think I want to take a break from the Homestuck fandom or something. I feel like I'm getting overloaded with it.


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On This Llama Badge Issue:
I realize for some people it's just increasing a number on this website to upgrade their llamas, and that's totally cool with me. Your agena, not mine. So, here is my llama policy:
- Watchers get auto-llamas as a show of thanks. I won't leave silly comments on your shoutboard.
- Llama-givers get auto-llamas. As a show of reciprocation and respect for the llama hunter's desire to upgrade their llama, I'll return one every time.


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