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we need help with the rent again.

we’re gonna be about $200 short after rox gets paid, but hopefully someone will get me my paycard so i can contribute the $150 or so i’m going to get from working the past week and a half. 

my commission information is here, but i can do color sketches super fast and they look pretty nice. 

email me at with your paypal email so that i can invoice you immediately. thank you!

$15 will get you something like this (+$15 per extra character):
[commission] tanzanite and tsavorite by whitekitestrings
scrae by whitekitestrings

there's an info post about it here:…
i'd prefer emails, but feel free to pm me here.
because i guess having a place for my shit on a high traffic website is probably a good idea.

i will not be taking old art out of storage

ps. i'm more active on my tumblr:
pps. i will be enabling comments when i have something new to upload; they're currently disabled because the content i've uploaded ranges from days to months/almost a year old.