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Motorcity airing Thursdays at 8:30pm

Wed Jun 27, 2012, 3:38 AM
i know this is probably a weird journal to be getting from me, for two reasons, the foremost being that i don't really write journals. ever.
but Motorcity is a new Disney XD show that is GORGEOUS AND FLAWLESS IN EVERY WAY.
it's really sad that the show's got such shaky ratings, with the way the staff working on it go out of their way to interact on a friendly level with the fanbase, and, more importantly, make us a beautiful, well-written and creative show.

you can see more about the show here… here… if you've never heard of it,
if you have the ability, please watch it on TV! we need to help the ratings!
and if you can't watch it on TV, buy it off itunes. i just downloaded itunes myself for this purpose alone. i've never used it before lmao.

(if you're foreign/don't have any money/don't have disney xd, and have to pirate the show, the staff is fine with it, we just ask that already existing fans lend a hand to help keep the show afloat)

if nothing else, encourage other fans to watch it on TV where they can.

thanks and smooches 4 all of u ♥

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